Thursday, January 20th, 2022
Firefighters responded to a structure fire in the 700 block of Fallon Road.
Firefighters responded to a traffic collision on Southbound Highway 101 north of San Antonio Road.
Firefighters responded to a traffic collision, with extrication, Exit 472A Southbound Highway 101.
Wednesday, January 19th, 2022
Firefighters responded to a medical emergency in the 600 block of Eastman Ranch Road.
LIVE Dispatch Radio


Listen LIVE to the dispatching of Sonoma County fire agencies and paramedic units by clicking on the 911 dispatcher.  Each fire agency has a different radio number identifying that department.  Here is Wilmar's and a few of our surrounding agencies:

9300  City of Petaluma Fire Department

9400  Wilmar Volunteer Fire Department

9500  San Antonio Volunteer Fire Department

9600  Valley Ford Volunteer Fire Department

9700  Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department

9800  Two Rock Volunteer Fire Department

Wilmar Fire uses the following identifiers:

9400  Fire Chief Mike Mickelson

9401  Assistant Fire Chief Kelly Bradley

9431  Rescue squad

9441  Utility pickup

9471  Type III wildland fire engine

9481  Type I structure fire engine

9496  Water Tender

Click on the picture to listen to the dispatch of Sonoma County fire and paramedic units. 



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